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Workin’ it!

Lately I’ve been working really hard on my bow ties. Been searching for fabrics from all different kind of shops and rummaging through unbelievable amount of fabrics. As a result I’m stocking up my Etsy store and have also made many Estonians very happy by making them awesome ties for different events and weddings. I’m still working on the special wedding edition as it is more work than expected and a lot of experimenting which is the fun part.


As I have quite an amount of ties ready to ship I had to find a way to store them – yes, store! It is really funny to think about it that way. So I bought some practical little boxes and magically one bigger box filled with ties turned to 3 boxes! And I’m not gonna stop! I love making the ties and each and every one of them has it’s own personality. Of course some are more dear to me than others, but putting them all away nicely today I found that most of them are some way my favourite. Yeah, I know it might sound tacky, but this is the way it is. Handmade things have their own magic element!

Here are some of my very favourites that I made this weekend!






In the line, waiting for their turn to be captured on a photograph!




My lovely storing boxes



Well I think I have to tell some big news also. I have had a dream of becoming a tailor for quite many years now and in two weeks I will start on my journey to become tailor-stylist. Yes, after my bachelors degree I’m going back to school, and I’m really excited! I can’t wait!

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Pink is in the air!

A week ago I was asked to make a pink bow tie and well of course I couldn’t make just one – I made a few because pink is such an awesome and bold colour to wear!

I also have a little idea on my mind for completely different ties so currently I’m working on that – well as much as I’m working right now anyway because I just got back from a vacation in Portugal and as crazy as it may sound it is way hotter in Tallinn right now than in Lisbon! So I do my best and I’m really excited about working with the new type of bow ties. Little hint – it has something to do with weddings!

But until then, a lovely pink polka dot beauty for you!


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Bow ties piling up!

Another batch of bow ties is piling up and within it a bit different tie – a surprise! Hopefully can manage to finish these ties before I go to vacation mode. That means I won’t sew probably most of July, but I’ll still be checking my computer once in a while. As summer in Estonia is really short and it seems that we have a few weeks with better weather coming up, it is the right time to spend as much time as possible out of the “office” aka sewing studio.



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A Little Making-of Video

I made a little making-of video about two months ago and it was almost ready for several weeks but I just couldn’t find some music for it. But now it’s ready!

I made the video in the country side near Haapsalu where I had the chance to sew outdoors. I hope I can go back there in July and take all my fabrics with me and just get inspired. Although I can hear birds singing right now as I sit in my studio in Tallinn with window open, but country side is something special. And a little bonus – this summer they have a whole field filled with peas, and I love peas! Got to go back in July!

Hope you like the short video!


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Fabric hunting time!

It’s fabric hunting time! I have a week before I have the graduation parties, wedding to attend, birthday and lots of other events. So before all that I’m fabric hunting! I’ve also started to cut the first and latest findings and some bow ties will be ready hopefully later today, but right now I’m off to hunt again. I hope it’ll be a good hunt with lots of inspirational fabrics.

But until then a little peak from yesterday.




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Oh, that organizing!

I decided that today will be the day that I’ll organize my ties, as I don’t know at the moment exactly what bow ties are online and what are not. That is no good at all. So I promise that later today all of my bow ties are listed on Etsy. Yes, I have my first Etsy store up and running! That took me months of planning and sewing and photographing. One of the hardest things was to create a cohesive line of photographs from my bow ties, so that my shop would look good. But now I’m wondering how to get more clicks and I’ve read that part of it has to do with the amount of listings. So that means I will make some more ties soon!

So now, if you go to the link on the top that says Shop you’ll see the link! I tried to get Etsy Mini there, but WordPress doesn’t support Javascript anymore and the code that Etsy provides is in Javascript, so that’s a bummer. But still, you can visit my shop HERE:


Got some great dark green linen fabric today and when I’m done with organizing I can reward myself with making some ties!

P.S. Last week I took a photo from my window when the apple tree blossomed so beautifully.


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Summer has begun!

It’s absolutely hot hot hot in Tallinn! So to get the perfect summer feel, first thing in the morning I went to the market for some fresh goods – tomatoes, strawberries, radishes, ramson etc.


Now it’s time to make some ice tea and start planning new linen bow ties, as many people have asked for these. I also got some cool linen fabric from the fabric and handicraft stuff swap event yesterday. Most of the Estonian sewing bloggers got together and brought all the things that they have in their closets and they don’t use and at the end of the day I got rid of many fabrics I don’t use, got something back and also got some new patterns! How cool is that! So many thanks for Esta for that event.